Prelim™ Balm, Lotion & Cream

North Coast

$ 8.00 


Formulated for soft-tissue massage and deep-tissue mobilization.

Hypoallergenic Prelim™, made without fragrance or beeswax, is perfect for anyone with sensitive or hypersensitive skin.

Prelim™ Balm

  • Contains coconut oil for moisturizing.
  • Perfect for persons with sensitive or hypersensitive skin.
  • Specially formulated to create surface friction, which allows for massage of several muscle groups or large areas without frequent reapplication.
  • Ideal for use with scar tissue massage tools such as probes, roller ball sticks or vibrators.

Prelim™ Lotion

  • Moisturizing, professional-grade therapeutic lotion formulated with cocoa butter, mineral oil, glycerin and vitamin E for softening and replenishing skin.
  • Recommended for scar tissue and retrograde massage, and for use on burn, trauma and surgical scars.
  • This penetrating, non-greasy lotion comes in a squeezable tube for easy dispensing.

Prelim™ Soft-Tissue Cream

  • Ideal for surface or deep-tissue massage.
  • Not oily or slick.
  • Moisturizes the skin and provides excellent dermal perception over scar tissue and adhesions.