SmartGlove w/Thumb

North Coast

$ 28.99 


ergoBead® wrist pad cushions and protects the wrist from repetitive stress injuries.

  • Durable, soft cotton Lycra® construction ensures cool comfort throughout the day.
  • Smart Glove® Wrist Supports were designed specifically for keyboard, laptop and mouse use to protect the wrist from repetitive stress injury and to ease pain caused by de Quervain’s, CTS, arthritis and tendinitis.
  • The volar wrist and the sensitive pisiform bone are cushioned and protected by a wrist pad filled with ergoBeads®. This bead-filled pad helps raise the wrist to an ideal ergonomic position and creates a massaging effect that increases blood circulation.
  • Flexible, removable dorsal stay helps keep the wrist in a neutral position, preventing excessive bending and flexing of the wrist but allowing full mobility of the hand.
  • The Smart Glove® with Thumb support features a comfortable thumb extension. Two semi-rigid stays are located on both sides of the thumb to provide maximum support while allowing the hand and thumb freedom of movement to continue working.
  • Machine washable.
  • Latex free.
  • Sold individually, universal left or right
  • Measure width of knuckles to fit