ActiveWrap Shoulder Ice/Heat Wrap


$ 69.95 


The complete shoulder therapy solution.  It's a shoulder ice wrap and a shoulder heat wrap all-in-one!   Designed for injury specific adjustment and freedom of movement during usage.  Total comfort for any size shoulder and easy for individuals to apply without any additional help.  Our ActiveWrap® shoulder model is the best fitting shoulder ice wrap on the market!  With a unique rotator cuff strap design, the shoulder wrap surrounds the shoulder, driving the cold deep to where you need it most.  This is a must have for rotator cuff injuries and any shoulder-dependent or throwing athlete.

The ergonomically designed shoulder heat and ice wrap delivers lightweight, conforming hot | cold therapy to all areas of the shoulder.  Every wrap is outfitted with two pockets that hold our uniquely formulated heat and ice packs.  Full one year warranty.  Washable and latex free