Rehab and Sports Med Outfitters, inc. is a new innovative company that combines education, orthopedic products, and physical performance. Our company employs rehab professionals to educate you about common injuries and how to prevent them. We offer orthopedic products that help decrease pain, increase support, and improve daily performance. Our ClinicGym offers you the opportunity to work out under the guidance of therapists who have been extensively trained in techniques to improve flexibility, strength, balance, and injury avoidance.

Our store is located at 110H Kirkland Circle in Oswego, IL. It is here where we will help you take the first steps in improving your life. We have a great selection of supports, arm and leg braces, hot/cold packs, and ergonomic products to help increase comfort when performing daily tasks. We also allow you to try on different styles of splints before purchasing so that YOU can make the best decision for YOUR comfort and health!

RSM Outfitters also provides the opportunity to regain and improve your physical health by working out in our ClinicGym. Our personal training programs incorporate principles used in Physical Rehabilitation and are custom designed following an initial evaluation where objective measurements will be taken to identify deficiencies in strength and flexibility. Sessions will consist of soft tissue work, stretching, strengthening, and use of heat or ice to help alleviate any post workout soreness. Objective goals will be set and measured to gauge progress. Because of our backgrounds in physical rehabilitation, we absolutely welcome and look forward to working with those with disabilities. Our gym is wheelchair accessible and provides a dynamic environment for anyone who wants to improve their overall function. Whether limitations in function are due to a stroke, orthopedic injuries, cancer, or cardiac issues, we offer the support and expertise needed to improve your overall performance.