$ 795.00 

  • The 3ACT Slide is constructed from the highest quality poly-ethylene and EVA material combining durability and portability.
  • 6 foot diameter circular shape breaks down easily and quickly into 5 lightweight portable pieces.
  • The 8 Stability Blocks are designed for strength and ease of movability.
  • Includes one pair of navy blue shoe covers made of 4 way stretch spandex material.

The 3ACT Slide is a portable self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool developed by Dave Armet, a Physical Therapist and Christy Abel who has a background in Athletic Training. They desired a surface on which they could promote rotational movements for a wide range of physical abilities. Christy refers to the 3ACT Slide as her “environment” because when her clients are using it, she is able to gain a clarity and focus for her observation and assessment skills leading directly to her exercise strategy. Dave Armet enjoys how the 3ACT Slide stability blocks make his patients feel safe and secure yet challenged to reach their full potential. Within the 6 foot diameter circle, rehabilitation sport-specific activity, core strengthening, functional flexibility, group exercise, and balance training can all be achieved. It can do so many things, we think of it like a "Swiss Army Knife".