AliMed® Therapy Putty Packs


$ 5.99 


AliMed® Therapy Putty Packs: Our new Putty Packs save you precious time and money. We've taken 5 lbs. of therapy putty and packaged it individually into 3-oz. containers. We give you the containers free and save you the time and hassle of packaging your own therapy putty. Available in four different putty resistances consistent with industry standards. Silicone-based putty maintains it's consistency for one year from the date you receive it. Not made with natural rubber latex. Choose the right putty resistance for your patient/client needs:

Yellow Therapy Putty is only slightly more resistive Extra Soft
Red Therapy Putty offers a Soft level of resistance
Green Therapy Putty is a Medium level
Blue Therapy Putty is Firm with the most resistance