Pro-Tec Gel-Force™ Ankle Support

Patterson Medical

$ 24.95 


Thick gel achieves comfortable stabilization and absorption of dynamic forces to the ankle. Designed with 4-way stretch to provide supportive compression. Light, breathable fabric keeps skin dry, reducing any fabric irritation. Medial and lateral spiral stays increase stability. Black/blue. Latex free.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Small 
    • Men's Shoe Size:6-7
    • Women's Shoe Size:5-7.5
  • Medium
    • Men's Shoe Size:7.5-10
    • Women's Shoe Size:8-10.5
  • Large
    • Men's Shoe Size:10.5-12.5
    • Women's Shoe Size:11-13
  • X-Large
    • Men's Shoe Size:13+
    • Women's Shoe Size:13+