AirFeet SPORT™ Performance & Recovery


$ 49.95 


Designed with the end in mind. Quality of Athletic Performance is important, but Recovery is Critical. Whether we are preparing for the next event or recovering from an injury, the Innovative and Dynamic Engineered design actively massages the tendons and muscles under the feet for a Life Changing experience. Stimulating circulation occurs through the legs and up into the lower back, providing an unmatched level of balanced recovery. Whether it be walking a golf course or running a grueling marathon - Recovery is a key element in how well we perform. Super Thin in design, AirFeet SPORT™ fit perfectly in all footwear. Interchangeable, Machine washable and reversible for maximum life and return on investment

Use with M.A.P. Odor Eliminator Lavender or Leather scent

  • Performance and Recovery Focused
  • Therapeutic Muscle and Circulatory Stimulation
  • Natural Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Super Thin - (2.5mm)
  • Impact Energy Dispersing
  • Dynamic and Innovative Technology
  • Interchangeable and Reversible in all footwear
  • Place in Freezer to soothe hot and burning feet (does not freeze)
  • Durable and Soft Fabric wicks away moisture naturally
  • M.A.P. - Medical Antimicrobial Protection
  • Machine Washable