Thera-Band® Roller Massagers

North Coast

$ 24.99 


An innovative tool for myofascial release and deep tissue massage.

  • Thera-Band® Roller Massagers have a unique ridged design supports both superficial and deep tissue mobilization while providing a massage-like experience.
  • The roller massager handles were designed to facilitate trigger point release.
  • The Massage roller is 21 inches (53.3cm) overall, with a roller length of 9.5 inches (24.1cm)
  • Can help increase blood flow and circulation in targeted areas, while helping to increase muscle flexibility and range of motion.
  • 19 inches (48.26cm) long with handles extended and 12 inches (30.48cm) long with handles retracted.
  • Includes detailed instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided by muscle region.
  • Good for both professional clinic and home use.